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“Whenever People See Us, They Just Start to Smile.”

There’s just something about the sight of Tracy Hopkins and her regal black standard poodle, Nico, that fascinates people. Maybe it’s Nico’s impressive 29-inch frame. Maybe it’s his princely trot. Or maybe it’s the obvious synchronicity Tracy and Nico demonstrate whether they’re walking around the neighbourhood or perfecting their agility training. Whatever the case, it’s not unusual for complete strangers to stop in their tracks and start asking Tracy questions when they see her out with Nico. And before long, they always have a big smile on their faces as a result of their new canine friend.

Go Big!

Tracy Hopkins Can Be Counted On

Tracy Hopkins’ long-running success in Comox Valley real estate can be attributed to her complete dedication to each and every one of her clients. When you choose Tracy to guide your home sale or purchase, you know things will be done well.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that Tracy has always had an affection for big dogs. It’s a reflection of her “go big or go home” approach to life. Throughout her life, Tracy has always strived to be the best and approaches any endeavour with a simple yet powerful philosophy: “Once I set my mind on something, it has to be done well or why do it?” she asks. Whether she’s pouring years of her life into building a pristine 42-foot sailboat, practicing agility training with Monaco or living the Comox Valley lifestyle to the fullest, Tracy commits herself 100 percent. She doesn’t do anything halfway.

The same holds true professionally. Since 1997, Tracy has earned her place among the Comox Valley’s premier real estate professionals as a result of her unique commitment to her clients’ goals. With Tracy on your side, you can rest assured that she’s doing everything in her power to help achieve your real estate objectives. And not unlike her well-known dog, Tracy, too, is bringing smiles to people’s faces. “There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the smile of a satisfied client,” Tracy says. “I relish the opportunity to be part of such an important aspect of people’s lives.”

A True Advocate

Tracy Hopkins Active Lifestyle

Tracy lives the Comox Valley lifestyle to the fullest. When not hard at work, she loves riding her bike, kayaking, skiing and of course, spending time with her beloved dog, Nico.

When you work with Tracy toward the sale or purchase of a home, her first priority is protecting your best interests at all times. Even if that means your best move is to make no move at all, she’ll tell you so. She views her role not as a salesperson but rather as a guide and consultant to provide information and advice based on your individual needs. Tracy also possesses an eye for detail and an ability to envision the possibilities in a home. For sellers, this allows her to help your home show in its best light, while for buyers, she can help you see how a home can be used to its maximum potential.

Getting the most out of herself is something Tracy does on a regular basis. She first visited British Columbia at the age of 14 and decided right then and there that she’d one day make it her home. She moved here in 1993 and has been living the local lifestyle to the fullest ever since. When she’s not hard at work for her clients, you might find Tracy downhill skiing, kayaking in the pristine waters west of the island, riding her bike with Monaco alongside or socializing with friends in her billiards league.

The Top Dog in Comox Valley Real Estate

With an obvious passion for the area, a genuine care for her clients and a true devotion to helping them make the most of their real estate opportunities, it’s no wonder Tracy Hopkins brings a smile to the face of so many clients. She’s The Top Dog in Comox Valley Real Estate. Take the first step toward making the most of your next move by giving her a call today to schedule a private consultation.

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